Sheet metal-based products – pipe blanks

We can offer thin-walled pipe blanks made from thin sheet metal. Pipe blanks are much more cost and material effective than deep drawing/punching/cutting the sheet metal circles. These types of products are container blanks for spherical and cylindrical roller bearings and joint rings for pressure pipes.

Rörämne tabell

Rod-based products – ring blanks

As a complement to pipe blanks we also offer ring blanks which are rod based. The ring blank can be calibrated, for example, elliptically, rectangularly or in more complex shapes, or circular. Ring blanks are highly cost effective in comparison to cutting out the corresponding part from formed sheet metal using plasma, gas, laser or waterjet cutting.  These types of products include reinforcement rings and gear rings. We consume roughly 1,000 tonnes of rods for making ring blanks.

Ringämne tabell


Ringsvets relies exclusively on flash or butt welding techniques for joining the ring blank/pipe blank material, and that can be done by your or by us. The advantage of flash/butt welding is that the welding process is fast and repetitive. No filling material is added producing an entirely homogenous product.